Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop used to edit photos

Photo Editing


Want to generally improve the overall quality of your photos so they are in the best condition they can be for many more years & decades to come?

  • Crop
  • Enhance picture and colours
  • Fix red-eye
  • Lighten or darken images
  • Generally improve the overall quality of your photos
  • Remove blemishes or marks

Starting from 15c per photo



Want to create personal cards with your photos on them but don't have time to scan, edit, create & print them?

  • Letterpress (designs pressed into card) 13 x 18cm
  • Folded 13 x 18cm
  • Flat double-sided 10 x 15cm (can also be postcards)
  • Range of different styles & different layouts
  • Choose your words to be printed on the inside of the card

Starting from $5.49 each



Want a calendar filled with your favourite photos or pictures?

Have Memories 2 Remember create them for grandparents, other family members, friends, for your workplace, business, holiday house or even just for yourself!

  • 33 x 25cm
  • All calendars start at 12 months & every month after 12 is extra
  • Range of different styles & layouts

Starting from $49.99

Photo Books


Want to remember & view all your old & new photos by getting Memories 2 Remember to create you a photo book. Perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, for grandparents, Christmas, Birthdays. Or even just get Memories 2 Remember to create one for each of your children or for each year of your children's life to remember & cherish forever without digging out all the albums to go through.

  • All books come with minimum of 20 pages & every page after that will be extra.
  • Can put 1-20 photos per page

Sizes - Square Hardcover (with dust jacket)

  • 25 x 25 cm
  • 20 x 20 cm

Rectangle Hardcover (with dust jacket)

  • 33 x 25 cm
  • 28 x 22 cm


  • 25 x 25 cm
  • 15 x 15 cm

If you have a particular size in mind we can make them for you but we get the highest quality result from these sizes above, they are also the most popular. 

Quality of photo books is extremely high on all standard sizes. Sizes that are not in this list will require using a different printing & binding service. Contact us for more information.

Starting from $44.99



Want a small video that you can share on social media with friends & family?
Need a larger video to show during an event or celebration? Keep & remember them for years to come…

  • Trailers & full movies
  • Edit VHS & Camcorder videos after they have been transferred to computer files.
  • Can choose to give video or photos to us directly or you can contact us & we can come out & film an event for you

Starting from $60

Photo prints & posters


Need lots of photos printed? A Poster? Want to turn your favourite photos into sleek & stylish posters you can hang all around your house?

  • All photos will be edited.
  • Range of sizes & styles

Starting from 39c each

Scan slides & negatives to digital


Do you have Negatives for photos that you need reprinted or converted to computer files? Do you have old Slides that you need transferred to USB so you can actually view them?

  • Slide positive (127 VPK, 135, 126 KPK, 110)
  • Colour negative - Microfiche (127 VPK, 135, 126 KPK, 110)
  • APS (Advanced Photo System) - Black and white (127 VPK, 135, 126 KPK, 110)
  • Movie positive (Super 8, 8mm)

Starting from 29c per photo
35c per photo for scan and edit

Scan loose photos & albums to digital

10-20 M2R V2.png

Need all your photo albums scanned so you can actually view them on your computer and all your devices? Need a backup copy of all those photos in case of fire, flood or even a simple accident?

Keep all your photos from fading & getting in any worse condition having been in albums for years... maybe decades. Cherish all your most important memories forever on all your devices with all your family & friends.

  • Scan 'slide-in/out' photo albums on large scanner
  • Scan 'sticky' photo albums with portable hand scanner without taking any photos out of the album itself and therefore causing no damage to photos or album
  • Edit all photos scanned
  • Transfer any written descriptions, titles & dates from albums into photo metadata on computer
  • Once you get your photos back you can store your photos in your cloud or we can put them onto two USB sticks so you can leave one at your house & one at another location to fire/emergency/accident-proof your photos forever.

Starting from 26c per photo
32c per photo for scan and edit

*- 10% off when getting 2-4 full photo albums scanned to digital and all photos photoshop edited
- 20% off when getting 5 or more full photo albums scanned to digital and all photos photoshop edited


Slideshows & Presentations


Have a milestone Birthday coming up?  A wedding? A funeral for someone close to you? A milestone Anniversary?  Need a photo or picture presentation for another event or celebration coming up?

  • Short presentations/slideshows to play during speeches or during an interval.
  • Longer presentations/slideshows that can be played in the background (or a corner somewhere) during parties/events. They can be looped/replayed all night for different groups of people to cluster around as the party goes on.
  • With or without audio.
  • Photos scanned &/or edited.
  • Range of styles & layouts.

Pricing can vary

Photos or film for a special event


Want a special event recorded but don't want to miss the occasion yourself?
Memories 2 Remember can record video or take photos (or both) for your event & will then edit & return them to you so you can relax & enjoy the occasion.

  • Photos taken
  • Video recorded
  • Edit photos/video
  • Create small or large videos
  • Photos/video returned to you on USB stick

Starting from $15.99

Collages & Photo Boards


Want a photo board for an upcoming event? Milestone? Occasion? You have come to the right place...

Decorate your entire house with photo boards or different types of collages. Choose your photos & we will edit, print, cut & create for you so you don't have to. BYO cork board or purchase one through us. Depending on size we can try to locate one with the specific measurements you're after.

  • Thumb tacks included
  • Edit, print & cut photos

Starting from $60

Convert VHS, v/cam discs & tapes to USB


Do you have old VHS tapes that need converting to USB? Do you have old camcorder discs/tapes that you need transferred to USB so you can actually view, create & share them with family & friends?

  • If you have your old camcorder or just the discs or tapes, Memories 2 Remember can use that to convert all your old home videos to a USB stick or external hard drive

Starting from $20 per hour of recording

If anything needs to be shipped or delivered to you, you will incur a fee.

All prices subject to change.